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Enterprise spirit
high aspirations, perseverance and profession
enterprise vision
We determine to become a sustainable global plastics injection molding machine supplier with constant technology innovation and international competitiveness.
Enterprise mission
Create value with efficiency, satisfy customer with quality
Management concept
Providing industrial resource, improving professional skill, serving professional clients, creating professional values,
Creation + innovation concept
“ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CONSTITUTE A PRIMARY PRODUCTIVE FORCE” is very important for machinery company. In our company, we believe that our Lanson people are our asset. No enterprise can put new technology and strategy into effect without effort of all staff. Without creative staff, there will be no innovation of the company. Base on our human oriented concept, Lanson is committed to developing the best team, set up personal training, provide carrier platform for the staff. Together with the staff, we will become stronger and create high investment for customers.
Practice +execution concept
”EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER” “A SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE 20% DEPENDING ON STRATEGY, 80% RELYING ON EXECUTION”. High quality products need to test by the market, also need to pass strictly quality control before entering market. We set up a strict QC standard, to check all the components and general machines. Strong execution force, every procedure, every process, every employee are important to achieve this standard.
Cooperation+honesty concept
We believe teamwork is the most critical key of success. Cooperation of each employee, cooperation of each department is our secret weapon to create enterprise competiveness and become the leader in this specialized field.