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For more effective service to customers, set up the enterprise image, we in line with the tenet of "professional brand value for customers" to "the most preferential price, considerate service, the most reliable product quality" commitment to you:

一.product quality commitment:

1.product manufacturing and inspection are quality records and information.

2.monitoring the quality of product, our whole process, the whole process of product inspection, product delivery is confirmed qualified before packing.

二.Second, the product price promise:

1.under the condition of equal competition, our company in not to sacrifice environmental protection safety requirements, reduce product quality for the price, on the basis of sincerity to provide to you the most preferential price.

三.Three, delivery commitments:

1.product delivery time: try to cooperate with the customer's production scheduling, if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can special organization production, and strive to meet customer's different service demand.

2.product delivery, our company to provide customers the following documents;

(1) product specification admitted that book

(2) product factory inspection report

四.after-sales service commitment:

1.service tenet: professional, thoughtful, quick and decisive

2.service target: the professional brand value for our customer

3.service efficiency: after informed the customer, the company's business personnel within 12 hours to the scene and solve problems