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Machine tool industry: the railway infrastructure investment pull machine tool demand picks up

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Domestic demand, export performance. Metal-cutting machine tools and forming machine tool production in China slowed significantly influenced by the reduction of investment in fixed assets, fell by 3.74% and increased 0.86% year-on-year. Accumulative total sales of 31600 units of the first four months of imported machine tools, compared with last year fell 18.77%. Imported machine to high-end, Taiwan imports accounted for continued to decline. The brics market demand stimulation, 1 to 3 months in China machine tool industry exports of $608 million, up 34.81% from a year earlier.

The upgrade of long-term impact on the machine tool industry. Our country is in a critical period of industrial upgrading, the manufacturing industry upgrade will be the root of the whole society economic growth. The government launches positive policy stimulation machine tool industry rapid development for a long time. In addition, the manufacturing industry to upgrade the fundamental lies in the ability to upgrade equipment, industrial upgrading process will be reversed transmission machine industry rapid growth.

Is expected to rebound in the second half of the industry. Refer to characteristics of American and Japanese machine tool industry demand downstream distribution, as well as in the past few years in our country machine key downstream industry fixed assets investment, analysis the influence of several major industry demand for domestic machine tool market weight. Combined with divisions in China during the first half of the fixed asset investment growth, we judge a drag on the main factors of the domestic machine tool demand lies in the "railway, shipbuilding, aerospace. The second half of the year, "preset and fine-tune" measures, overweight, and the principle of railway investment will provide a solid guarantee warmed up for machine tool market demand.

Investment advice: at present, the machine tool industry as a whole the level of earnings remain at around 37 times, at the bottom of the history at the same time, combining with the "twelfth five-year" development trend of machine tool industry and industrial upgrading in China driven by the domestic machine tool demand growth, we watch the machine tool industry for a long time. But the government to promote investment in fixed assets in the short term and our country manufacturing industry to upgrade there is more uncertainty, we give the industry "synchronization" market "investment rating.