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Precision mold and the design requirements

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Precision mould when the design considerations:

1: the object shape and dimension precision of the product of the resin flow direction, the transmission of injection pressure, be filled resin solidification. As a mould designer, to the requirements of the product knowledge, this is alsothe source of precision mold design. So must know to the requirement of product.
2: object forming product features, to have a system on the characteristics of molded products list, mainly is the material, the shape of the molded products, some of the details in the following mold design will be the basis.
3: the structure of the mould. Fine mould structure and ordinary mold structure scheme to take is different. Ordinary mold structure there may be several design schemes are easible, but die, some structure can have certain effect, so some precision mould structure scheme may require very strict. Mainly consider mould movement's influence on the products.
4: mould rigidity and intensity. The experience of my individual think mould rigidity is very important, I often see some mold material within the mold and the use of very thin, I can only say that maybe he mold can produce, but some problem on the product is and the strength of the mold has a very close relationship, sometimes it's hard to find. If the strength of the mould is to maintain the mould will not break, I think this is very unreasonable idea, is a mold design experience.
5: into the gate and transverse groove is an important factor to control products. Pure mode into the glue way has certain requirements for products, the glue point do bit more beautiful, the product will have unimaginable effect.
6: mould temperature back road, control the mold to uniform temperature. Must set the resin flow direction to the difference in temperature, for meat thick change of coping strategies. Molded products from mold, mold surface temperature of the product department to uniform. This requires the mold cooling system is reasonable.
7: fine mold accuracy requirement is very high, processing mould processing ways is very important. According to the shape of molded products division products cavity, walking wire is very common. So the design should consider when processing way.
8: on the mould structure is reasonable, convenient additional of other options. For example, a position to do may not ideal, if the test is not ideal, after will be taken after repair scheme.