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You al ascending debut exhibition PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO MEXICO in 2014

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   As one of the most important displaying Latin America, MEXICO's exhibition PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO, is a good platform to plastic enterprise brand image. Al l debut this year PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO, has made gratifying achievements.
   This year, according to official data, PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO 2014 attracted 2014 exhibitors, the exhibition in 30000 visitors. Union rises 54 m2 booth was enclosed as to understand, consultation of the user. In addition, we in the pavilion conspicuous position now hang up posters, and in Latin America's most influential plastic magazine TECNOLOGIA DEL placed ads PLASTICO, through the media to further improve the litres of brand awareness and influence.
   This exhibition we exhibited through optimization GM2 -s servo injection molding machine - GM2 - LS160S series. As one of our flagship product, the optimized GM2 -s higher rigidity, stronger ability to resist fatigue, greatly extend the service life. Optimization of the machine base to replace the traditional two point support, more stable; Widened our patent design of junior and tail plate machine hinge, stress dispersion, greatly improve the ability to resist fatigue. Generous appearance design with bright and pleasing to the eye color to the audience left a deep impression. According to reflect the local users, power saving, durable plastic injection machine is their top priority, we assembled servo system GM2 - LS160S, quiet, energy efficient, and cost-effective, welcomed by the masses of customers.
   A four-day PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO 2014 came to a successful close, at the same time, also for al l enter the American market opened the prelude of perfect. Let's hope al l injection molding machine in the americas to shine!