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GT3 series plastic injection molding machine adopts advanced single injection cylinder design is Lanson’s self-innovated and mass production single injection cylinder toggle type injection molding machine. Integrating Lanson’s mature single injection cylinder technology and employing cutting-edge industrial concept and technical research platform, it features precision, fast response, high efficiency and energy saving. It also enjoys 27national patents.


Product details

Single injection cylinder

Co-axialwith screw & plasticizing Motor, increasethe injection pressure and speed.  Have afast and accurate injection performance.

A new single cylinder injectionsystem with more efficient injetion performance , more compactdesign , higher injection pressure , and more sophisticated injetion product.

The whole design of the injectionunit front plate makes the screw better for theneatral.

Injection unit linear guide way

Accurate, low friction, fast response,good repeatability and energy saving.

Low friction, energy savinghydraulic system

Low friction hydraulic design, minimizethe injection resistance.

Optional screw and barrel

We havedifferent screws and barrels to meet customer need.

Optimally designed fixed platen

The fixed platen employed the patenteddesign of our company “arched molding board”, the stress will disperse when thefixed platen is under stress.  Theservice life of molding board is extended as a result of no stress concentration.  Strictly controlled distortion through finiteelement analysis.

Widened toggle with long servicelife

In order to increase the service lifeof hinge pin and steel jacket, we increase the number of hinges, hinge pins andsteel jackets shearing surface.  Throughwidened hinge ears of moving platen, the stress received by molding board isdispersed equally and avoid stress concentration.

Accurate and timesaving gear moldadjusting device

Employed accurate gear mold adjustingdevice, the mold adjusting action is smooth and fast.  It can also save the machine adjusting timeafter mould changing with automatic mold adjusting fuction.

User friendly interface easyoperation

User friendly interface easy operation.

Servo energy-saving system

Small action inertia, fast response,energy saving and low noise.