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  • If the batch moulds to produce a product does not appear fro...

    First, mold material selection is very important, high hardness of material is preferred, of course good material cost is high; Second mold processing technology are equally important, should choose walking wire must not use fast walking wire, although the machining cost will be higher, but ensure that there is no substitute for quality. This is why some die 300000 times not deformation out front of secret. Of course, this is why the same mould can show different quotation. Al l do precision mould precision company pursues, quality assurance is the basic premise, we do not participate in price wars, we do the brand mold.
  • Why a forming double color mould than secondary molding plas...

    Double color mould is difficult to make to die out after two completely the same, to achieve this result, need in the mold processing technology and the machining accuracy is higher than monochrome mold a class, and when one of the places need to modify, will be after two mold to modify at the same time. And secondary molding monochromatic don't have this problem, need only changes alone. Do two things at once and do two pieces of the same thing at the same time, everybody can think about the difficulty and time difference is very big.
  • Plastic product shrinkage is how to return a responsibility?...

    In addition to the process adjustment part shrink problem can be solved within a certain range, it is important the customer after drawing out the die engineer to combine product structure, improve structure of structural shrinkage problem, from the source to eliminate shrinkage products. This is also the same product, why some mould developed surface quality is very good. Al l precision company has rich experience in this field and engineer team.